Support Professionals Designation Program - Level II Requirements

Support Staff Designation - Level II Requirements

Successful completion requires: A total of 42 points to be earned over five years (18 required conferences, 6 for required participation plus 18 electives)

Required Conferences: 18 points
Over the 5 years in the program, each Designee must accumulate a total of 18 points by attending any mix of the Conferences below.

  • SupportCon — 1 point per breakout session
  • Bookkeepers Conference — 1 point per breakout session
  • TechCon — 1 point per breakout session
  • Illinois ASBO Annual Conference — 1 point per breakout session

Only breakout sessions will count toward your point total; Opening and closing sessions will not count. Points per conference are based on the number of breakout sessions offered and may be subject to change. Seminars and workshops may vary by full day and half day depending on the presenters — attendance will be credited the correct number of points based on the length of the workshop.

Required Participation: 6 points
Earn these points by participating as a Professional Development Committee Member and/or by presenting at an Illinois ASBO seminar.

Elective Courses: 18 points
Any Illinois ASBO seminar may qualify as an elective.

3 Points = Half Day Seminar, 6 Points = Full Day Seminar

If you have questions about your points or would like to join this program please contact Holly Wallace at (815) 753-9350 or

Support Staff Designation - Level I Requirements

Professional Development Opportunities for Support Staff

Bookkeepers Conference

Designed specifically for bookkeepers and administrative office staff with sessions organized by a payroll and non-payroll track. 

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SupportCon offers support professionals the opportunity to learn best practices, network with colleagues, share ideas and more.

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