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Wednesday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

Preparing for a Single Audit

Congratulations! You received all this federal money! Now you have to prepare for having a single audit. Learn how you should prepare and what to expect during the process. Download Presentation

The Art of External Communication

Help your district streamline its communications to provide coherent messaging to students, families and staff in order to create and support effective learning environments. Download Presentation

Evaluating Support Personnel

Why is it so important to evaluate the folks who support us in our district? Learn valuable skills on evaluating the Support Professionals in your district. Download Presentation

Wait…You Want Me to Develop “Soft Skills” Now? How Do I Do That?

School leaders are being encouraged to develop their soft skills in addition to maintaining their technical knowledge and abilities. How do you do this? This session will focus on the use of the Life Orientations (LIFO) Survey, an applied behavioral online assessment, that helps school leaders better understand their behavioral tendencies and those of others. The results can be used to strengthen workplace relationships and soft skills school leaders need to increase effectiveness and expand influence in their district.

Advanced Health Care Strategies

Gain tips on how to control health care costs and avoid pitfalls in your district. Download Presentation

Opening the Black Box of Special Education

Join a crash course on special education for the CSBO/CFO! Learn what you need to know to maximize revenues, control costs and build stronger relationships with your special education department. Download Presentation

The Financial Benefits of Healthy Learning Environments 

Creating and maintaining healthy school buildings benefits the health, safety and overall well-being of students and staff. In addition, it directly impacts your bottom-line financials through reduced energy bills and operational costs to attracting and retaining teachers. Learn the importance of healthy buildings and the positive impact healthy schools have on nearly every line item of your budget. 

Food Service Contracting

Discover the new procurement options available that allow for increased flexibility when contracting your food services. Come learn how to improve your food contracts! Download Presentation

9:10am - 10:10am

Financial Planning for Negotiations

This session will focus on how school districts can fiscally protect themselves by navigating through the pitfalls of negotiations. From projections to surveys, you'll receive all the tools needed for a smoother negotiation.

TRS Update

Have questions regarding the new SSP? Your integration with Gemini? Need to understand more about the current state of TRS? Then come to this session! TRS representatives will take on all questions. Learn more so you can enhance your partnership with TRS, make sure your reporting is correct and smoothly implement the SSP. Download Presentation

Legal Updates on the Tax Levy and Procurement

Learn about the recent legislation and legal developments affecting the tax levy and procurement. Download Presentation

Preparing Financial Projections

Discover how to use historical data and current assumptions to prepare financial projections. Download Presentation

Transitioning — The CSBO Shuffle and Navigating Your Career Moves

A panel discussion of pathways to the top, changing districts and moving from one to another. Panelists will share lessons learned and successes gained by leveraging leadership practices that worked! Download Presentation

Cybersecurity and Tech Basics, Insurance Staffing and Technology

Join this discussion on protecting your critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Learn the roles and guidelines to combat the growing threat, including real-world examples.

Transportation Roundtable — Doing More With Less

Join this roundtable session and discuss valuable strategies in maximizing your transportation resources.  

10:20am - 11:20am

Building Blocks of a Successful Investment Program

This session will review the essential building blocks for a school district investment program and how to best communicate investment results to boards and other stakeholders. Download Presentation

Collective Bargaining in 2023

Money is always at the center of negotiations. Learn what common trends and topics have made their way to the collective bargaining table in 2022/2023. Download Presentation

The Importance of High Impact Leadership on your K-12 Capital Projects

Collaborative communication is the key to a successful long-term construction program. A panel consisting of director of buildings and grounds, architect and construction manager will discuss the challenges of cooperation during a five year program. Gain insight into thoughtful problem solving and conflict resolution through example. 

Preparing for a Post-ESSER World

A surge in federal funding has helped school districts address several pandemic challenges. Join a panel of superintendents and school business managers to discuss options for communicating what lies ahead when the temporary COVID funds go away and school districts are faced with tough financial decisions. Download Presentation

The IDEA Peloton: Cycling through a Year of Special Education Reporting

Spin your way through IDEA by developing the consolidation grant, reporting in excess cost and the effects through maintenance of effort. Download Presentation

CYFER/SEFA & Data Collection Changes

Are you preparing for your annual CYFER/SEFA? Gather all the updates you need on the new data collection changes. Download Presentation

A Special Education Case: Working with Your Legislators to Change Law

Special education placements for students with disabilities have been hard to come by and a frequent topic of school litigation. They can also be extremely costly and receive limited state reimbursement. Learn how one school attorney and a district’s CSBO teamed with the district’s board of education and state legislators to bring change to the Illinois School Code and special education rules regarding this issue. Download Presentation

New Laws & Implementation Guidance

Receive an update on notable legislation for education and implementation guidance. Be prepared for the next round of education legislation!

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Personnel Planning for Equity

How do you diversify your workforce in a way that supports both your students and the many communities that you serve? Discuss helpful strategies and more in this session. 

Communicating, Preparing and Avoiding the ESSER Cliff

Join business officials and Frontline professionals in a discussion surrounding the pending federal funding cliff. They will explore the potential allocation pitfalls that could lead to financial disaster, as well as provide clear communication options to lead all stakeholders to a clear understanding of how these funds should be responsibly utilized. Download Presentation

If You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands

Productive teams, good health and a relaxed work setting may sound too good to be true! They all could be attainable with the strategies you will learn from this session. Don't worry, be happy! 

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Legal Review

Hear two experienced school lawyers discuss the legal highs and lows of the year and get advice on how to respond to all things legal in your district.

Why Do I Need an Owner's Representative?

Gain information on the benefits of using an owner's representative and review projects that have utilized an owner's representative successfully. Also, review reasons why an OR may not be necessary.

Getting Better Proposals By Building Better RFPs

From writing first drafts to negotiating final details, learn how to write, run, evaluate and award successful RFPs and service contracts. Download Presentation

Measuring the Value of Software Applications

There are hundreds of software applications for school districts to choose from. Learn how to measure the value of the software for instruction and operations as well as discover the guidelines for determining the effectiveness of software purchases.

Understanding the CPI

Inflation continues to be a concern for school districts in terms of direct costs and indirect pressures from staff seeking higher wages to offset consumer inflation. This session will examine inflationary indicators and trends, ways to further examine how these pressures impact your budget, and present strategies for how to discuss and mitigate these pressures in your district. 

Thursday Sessions

8:00am — 9:00am

Bond Proceeds Management and Arbitrage

With interest rates rising at a historical pace, arbitrage is again a concern for school districts. Learn about the regulations around managing your bond proceeds and what you will need to track to be successful. Download Presentation

What Would You Do?

Session attendees will explore and discuss solutions to a variety of unique and real school business scenarios with experienced practitioners who have been there themselves. Download Presentation

Facilities Information Session

Join your peers in mapping the path for future professional development in facilities operations! Gain information on the available courses and opportunities for your growth. Whether you are an 'old timer' or part of the next generation of school facility managers, we can all learn and benefit from each other's experiences!

Sick Leave, FMLA and ADA Post-Pandemic

Dive into employee issues surrounding sick leave policy abuse, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Download Presentation

Roadmap for Construction

Take an in-depth look at the role of the board, superintendent, business manager, director of buildings and grounds, architect, owner's representative and contractor during the various phases of design and construction phases.

The Art of Advocacy

Join Illinois ASBO's Government Relations team to learn how you can impact legislation using your unique position as a school business official. Discover tools that will keep you informed and specific ideas for proactively engaging your legislators. Whether you are new to the legislative process or want a refresher, this session is for you! Download Presentation

Beyond Pricing: Considering Criteria Other than Pricing When Awarding Bids

Pricing will always be important when awarding bids, but it does not have to be the only consideration. Learn how to build a bid that allows you to factor in other critical criteria that would benefit the district. Download Presentation

Here Comes the Sun!

With solar incentives changing rapidly at both the state and federal levels, learn the steps you need to get started, what to expect from a feasibility analysis, how to evaluate the cash flow for solar projects (including new incentives) and how to analyze your ROI using your utility bills. 

9:10am — 10:10am

Budgeting Your Time

As CSBOs, we don't just budget money, we need to budget our time as well.  With the increasing demands in our workplaces, this is more important now than ever.  Discover tools to aid in budgeting your time and discuss other time-saving strategies with your peers. Download Presentation

Was That a Microaggression? How to Identify Microaggressions and Have Courageous Conversations 

This session focuses on creating awareness surrounding microaggressions and their common occurrences within organizations. Participants will explore the outcomes associated with experiencing microaggressions, discover techniques to minimize their occurrence and ways to respond when microaggressions occur in the workspace.

Investing in Yourself

Wondering how to invest for yourself and provide for your future? Explore investing options on a personal level with an experienced investment professional. Download Presentation

Relationships Matter: The importance of the TEAM dynamic between the FM and their Supervisor

Discover the importance of the working relationship between the facilities manager and their supervisor from the viewpoint of those working in the roles. The relationship in different-sized districts is explored as the panel is comprised of teams from large, unit, and small/rural districts.

Critical Contract Terms for Construction Managers and Architects

Explore critical contract terms with a panel consisting of an attorney, architect and construction manager.  This session will dissect key areas such as: delays, supervision, claims, errors and omissions, allowance/contingency usage, as well as answer the question - When do you enforce the contract?

Expenditures for the Novice

Review business office operations and the business administrator's role in managing cash, meeting budgeting responsibilities, purchasing, state financial reporting and overseeing the expenditure process — including ESSA requirements. Download Presentation

Supporting Student and Faculty Wellness in Existing Facilities

Learn how school districts can significantly impact health and wellness — from modest HVAC system upgrades to strategic student support space initiatives. Discover how simple operational interventions and design philosophies can be incorporated into existing procedures and projects in order to improve the bottom line, promote social-emotional learning and provide foundational building blocks for students.

The Changing Face of School Security

Learn how to address security issues, implement site-specific strategies and access helpful resources. This presentation will provide you with the information you need to proactively and holistically approach school safety and security. Special focus will be placed on the latest trends in school security and the appropriate involvement of staff. Download Presentation

10:20am — 11:20am

GASB Update

There are several new GASB requirements coming.  Learn all about them and how you can prepare for their implementation. Download Presentation

Setting up Newer Facilities Managers for Success

This session will provide valuable insights for newer facilities managers on areas of study to be prepared for in their role. Topics include: Construction, grounds, maintenance, housekeeping, human resources, public speaking and more!

Does My School Need a Microgrid? Deploying Proven Technologies to Minimize Risk of Power Loss

Microgrids empower school districts to create and store their own energy, reduce utility costs, charge electric vehicles, and direct available power to critical operations during outages. Learn how a small school district implemented a mini-microgrid to help afford to electrify its bus fleet.

Revenues for the Novice

Learn about local revenue, the property tax cycle and the ins and outs of the tax levy. Plus, hear an overview of the Evidence-Based Funding Formula and federal grants. Download Presentation

Building a Coalition

Join this session to learn how to build a coalition to move a piece of legislation through the legislative process from inception to implementation. Download Presentation

Leadership Lessons in Change

Gain valuable lessons in leadership and project management focusing on communication, stakeholders and execution from strategic planning and goals to finalizing and reflecting. Download Presentation

Building Resiliency 

This session will discuss sustainable land use, catastrophic event recovery and high-performance building topics, including envelope improvements, lighting, water use and renewable energy. Learn how to maximize capital improvements by leveraging investments and partnerships to enhance school programs and facility operations while also supporting your community in an emergency.

Transportation Reporting — Leveraging Simple Tools Throughout the Year 

Discover valuable ideas for effective record-keeping throughout the year to simplify the transportation report process at this round table session.  

Friday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

A Year in Review — Successful Financing Strategies

The last year has provided a challenging financial market for school districts to issue debt. Presenters will share several success stories and strategies for favorable financing in the current market.

Responsibilities of Leadership

Many leaders are so reactive to challenges that they forget the most important responsibility: growing and developing their team. Learn how to demonstrate proficiency in blending your technical 'know-how' and interpersonal skills to create a work environment where each employee has the opportunity to contribute to the organization's success.

9:15am - 10:15am

Illinois ASBO Sponsored Programs

ISDLAF+, IEC, PCard, MSEBP, ISEBC, American Fidelity, Frontline — Want to explore the various programs and options Illinois ASBO has developed for members and districts?  Get a quick summary of each program with opportunities for Q & A. Illinois ASBO programs and services are designed to give districts options for savings and efficiency. Executive Director, Dr. Michael Jacoby will guide the discussion. Download Presentation

The State of Retirement Legislation in Illinois

With the addition of the Illinois TRS SSP and the requirement for individuals to be auto-enrolled into the 457(b) plan with TRS, it is vital to look at the landscape of retirement plans in the state. Learn what you need to know and the expectations as you work to provide access to education for students in your district. Download Presentation